PRO PLA Black Filament


Black 3D Printer Filament / 1.75mm / PLA / 1KG (2.2Lbs)

Professional Grade Filament

Made in the USA to the tighest diameter tolerance on the market, PRO Series filament is the best of the best. PLA is a multipurpose material most commonly used in 3D printing. PLA is a bioplastic, which means it’s made from renewable natural resources such as corn starch and tapioca products, which also makes it completly biodegradable. PLA is the most popular 3D printing material because it prints at low temperatures, doesn’t require a heated printbed and doesn’t warp.

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Professional Grade Filament

  • EU RoHS Compliant
  • Color Black
  • Typical Outer Diameter (mm) 1.75
  • Ovality (mm) <0.05
  • Material Polylactic Acid
  • Elongation (%) 6
  • Yield Strength 8700psi
  • Diameter Tolerance (mm) ±0.08
  • Print Temperature (°C)  205+/-15
  • Bed Temperature (°C) 0 – 65
  • Product Weight (g) 1000
  • Spool Dimensions : 200mm  Total Diameter x 50mm Inner Hole Diameter x 70mm Height

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in


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