About us

About us

Our company

CTC 3-D Printer Sales LLC. based in the United States, develop’s and engineers manufacturing equipment, hardware, and software. We have many partners and manufacturers who work with us to provide new and exciting technolgies.

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Today we engineer software and hardware mainly for 3D Printing technologies, like FDM, SLA, and Metal Sintering Printer. Our developers engineer software and firmware to bring new functions and features to the industry. We focus on High-Resolution printing, at or near .02mm resolutions. Our focus is bringing these new and exciting technologies to customers around the world at an affordable price.

We distribute many of our products to industries, commercial, and institutional. We work with companies in China, India, and USA. We provide warranty and repair services to Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., LTD for customers in the USA. We provide Sales, Distribution, Research and Development, and Software Design to CTC since 2014.